Amenities Committee

Chair: Cllr D Skelton
Vice-Chair: Cllr J Williams

Councillors: Cllrs M Carrigan, M Doyle, A H Greenwood, M Holmstedt, L Needham, C Potter, P Ripley, D Skelton, M Taylor, P Taylor,      K White, J Williams

2018/19 Report

This Committee deals with environmental improvements and general amenity issues in the town and surrounding area. 

The central Todmorden open space known as Patmos Gardens is owned and maintained by the Town Council.  After improvement works last year and regular care the space is now much improved. The Town Council continues to provide support for Todmorden in Bloom and now also funds additional hanging baskets which were previously funded by Calderdale Council. We sincerely appreciate the work of Todmorden in Bloom and understand the value that making the town look good has in terms of physical and mental wellbeing.

Improvement works at Vale, Cornholme, have now been completed including a new link pathway, drainage, tree pruning, improved access, seating and wall repairs.

The Council also owns and maintains Lobb Mill Picnic Site.  This is well used by visitors to the town, and walkers accessing the Rochdale Canal and hillside walks leading from the car park. 

The continuation of the Tourist Information Centre was again assured by grant funding of £19,000, and further ‘Tourism’ grants to the town have been awarded in the sum of £1,499. 

Financial assistance has also been provided for the purpose of other environmental improvements with total ‘Environment’ spending this year being £10,443. Local societies and groups have benefited via grants in respect of ‘Entertainment, the Arts and Recreation’ in the sum of £12,900, together with other grants for a range of purposes totalling £14,423. Twenty-two payments of Town Hall Hire Charge refunds, totalling £7,411, have also helped the town’s societies and groups organise functions in Todmorden Town Hall. From feedback received, so far, the Council has been informed that events held for money-raising purposes raised a total of £5,707 to 31st March 2019.  This also makes good use of the building as over 1,075 people attended the events.    

There were some issues with the Christmas lights in the town centre this year and we have asked for further explanation of what happened so that any problems can be resolved for the coming year alongside replacing some damaged lights. People continue to be pleased with the extension of the Christmas lights to Cornholme and Walsden.

The annual Mid-Pennine Arts Schools’ Tour, part funded by the Town Council, is always welcomed by local children. Last year’s focus was on creating tourism posters to celebrate the local area and we hope to show some of the artwork on the council website and in the Town Hall.

The groups and events we support range from the big to the small and help to meet the needs of the community in different ways, from the spectacle of the Lamplighter Parade to performances by Todmorden Orchestra, the increasingly successful Folk Festival and grants to small groups wishing to improve their local area. We continue to see this as an important role of the committee and council and welcome applications from existing and new groups.

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