Join our local team and become a Town Councillor

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Following the resignation of Tony Roberts, as Town Councillor in the Stansfield Ward, there is now a vacancy to be filled in Stansfield Ward. The Town Council issued a notice to advertise the vacancy on 26th February 2021.

No special qualification is required to be a Councillor, other than a desire to represent the interests of their community.

Indeed it is important that all sorts of people, often with a wide range of skills and experience serve as Councillors to give good representation of the community.

This is open for all ages to apply and we encourage the interest of younger persons looking to take perhaps their first steps into voluntary public service.

Training for new councillors is available to help assist with understanding the responsibilities of the role.

What do Parish Councillors do?

Todmorden Town Council is made up of 18 voluntary Councillors, who meet regularly to discuss and act on issues of importance to the local community.

More detail can be found by clicking through to


If any further information is required please email Colin Hill, Town Clerk at with your telephone contact details and he will be happy to answer any question you may have.

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