Development Committee

Chair: Cllr M Hatfield
Vice-Chair: Cllr C Potter

Councillors: Cllrs J Battye, M Carrigan, J Grieve, A Hollis, G Kent, P Marrington, B Paramor, L Stephenson, J Taylor and L Thorpe

2017/18 Report

A large part of the Development Committee’s work involves consultation and recommendation on making recommendations on planning applications in Todmorden; and there are therefore two meetings per cycle.  Local concerns are carefully considered by Members, especially when controversial planning applications are submitted or in neighbouring authorities where there would be an impact on Todmorden and its environs. We successfully opposed a number of planning applications which would have resulted in the removal of green space from the town and have recently made representations to both Calderdale and Lidl regarding the on-going planning issues concerning Lidl’s new store. We are continuing to work with Calderdale on the re-development of Rose Street, and the Council has three representatives on Calderdale’s Todmorden Development Board.

Representatives from the Principal Authority and other bodies as considered appropriate are invited to address the Committee to speak on a variety of issues.  This year the Committee has kept a close eye on developments in relation to the Lidl site. We have been addressed by senior Calderdale officers responsible for planning and highways, and the Northern Railway train operating company briefed the Committee on its plans for new services and rolling stock.  Members continue to push for improvement to the general condition of the roads, utilities management and other Highways issues throughout Todmorden.  

In line with the Council’s Public Transport Policy, the Committee looks for opportunities to improve and enhance public transport, which it sees as essential to the economic and social well-being of the town.  The Committee is currently working with Network Rail, Calderdale Council and other relevant parties in relation to step free access at Todmorden Railway Station, including part funding a detailed feasibility study and agreeing in principle to make a financial contribution towards the scheme subsequently agreed.

The Development Committee is well on the way to progressing the proposals for a Neighbourhood Plan for the Town. The Town Council was awarded a second grant from Central Government to prepare the plan, which will allow the community a greater say on local planning matters, including development of the town, but particularly with respect to derelict sites. A number of community workshops were held during the past year. The Neighbourhood Plan Wider Steering Group, which includes Town Councillors, a Calderdale Ward Councillor, an appointed consultant and representatives from community organisations, meets regularly and has carried out a number of successful workshops. The community workshops have been well attended, busy occasions and have looked at important sites within Todmorden, future housing and connectivity issues. The Plan will aim to put forward proposals and policies that secure the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the Town.  It is hoped that a draft for public consultation will be published later this year.

The Development Committee continues to pursue the Canal and River Trust, liaising with Waterways Engineers and Inspectors, for action on canal towpaths, interfaces, bridges and footbridges in order to preserve this important and well used historic amenity in Todmorden.

Empty buildings, litter and parking issues are all concerns within the town and the Town Council continues to press for action in these matters.  Many other areas are dealt with by this Committee, such as footpaths and obstructions, together with redevelopment and regeneration matters.     

Overall the Committee tries to keep alert to the general concerns of the public in the areas covered by it. 


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