General Purposes Committee

Chair: Cllr M Carrigan
Vice-Chair: Cllr S Martin

Councillors: Cllrs M Carrigan, M Doyle, R Coleman-Tyalor, A Hollis, M Holmstedt, L Levick, G Kent, S Martin, P Ripley, T Roberts,         D Skelton, M Taylor

2018/19 Report

Council administration is dealt with by this Committee, including finance, staffing, standing orders, the mayoralty and electoral matters.  ‘Communication’ issues addressed via the Committee help to raise the profile of the Town Council. The noticeboard outside Todmorden Town Hall is useful in the provision of public information and is much used by the community.  It also displays Town Council material, such as meeting agendas, audit notices and contact information. A new website was launched in the year and plans are in place to start to publish additional documentation and information, making the Town Council more open and transparent.

‘Citizenship Awards for Todmorden’ continues to recognise the commitment shown by individuals and groups.  This year’s two winners will receive their certificates at the Annual Meeting of the Town Council in May.

This Committee is also responsible for Mayor’s Day where the town welcomes in the new Mayor, the celebrations include a sherry reception and a buffet lunch provided by the Town Council for organisations and residents within the town.

The Council has continued to work in partnership with the West Yorkshire Police Authority by part-funding two additional Police Community Support Officers to work in Todmorden.

Todmorden Town Council is represented on many bodies on which its input can be useful and takes Members into areas of concern for the town and its electorate.  This is a valuable part of the Town Council’s work.   

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