If you follow my blog or my Facebook page (@TodmordenMayor) you will know that my chosen charity for the civic year (2021-2022) is Slow the Flow, a fantastic organisation set up to look at the issue of why and how the Calder Valley floods and to look at natural flood prevention measures to slow the volume of water which comes down our hillsides and into our water courses.

Natural flood management (NFM) measures are a very important element of Slow the Flow’s work and I have been fascinated to learn about NFM interventions including leaky damns and attenuation basins and how these slow the flow of water into rivers and mitigate flood risk.   There are some great resources on the Slow the Flow website that will explain how NFM works, and I encourage everyone reading this to take a look today

It is clear to me that NFM can make a great contribution to flood prevention in Todmorden, so today I was excited to receive an email from Slow the Flow telling me that a new round of grants will open tomorrow (15th June 2021) for landowners in Todmorden to implement NFM on their land.  All applications must be submitted by 5pm on 2 August 2021.

The grants come from Calderdale Council and the Environment Agency as part of the Calderdale Flood Action Plan and this work is also supported by the SOURCE partnership and the Woodland Trust.

The grants are expected to fund interventions such as leaky dams, woodland management, and attenuation basins, as well as invasive species management, and new hedgerows.  Applicants can request to fund an engineer’s time to design the correct intervention for the land in question, as well as payments to maintain it once completed.

Full details including application forms and guidance notes can be found on the Eye on Calderdale website

 All enquiries about the grant can be directed to [email protected]


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