Todmorden College

The existence of Todmorden Community College is testament to the town’s strong community spirit, and the proven capacity of Todmorden residents to work together to make positive change. After five years of community campaigning and fundraising, the college building was successfully transferred from Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council to community ownership, therefore saving the building itself from being bulldozed. This was a huge success for Todmorden and has allowed the space to be used for a wide range of community-enhancing functions, including sports groups, sewing courses and food banks.

Climate Challenge College

Todmorden is home to the Climate Challenge College – the very first of its kind in the country. The college provides a course for anyone aged 16+ who wishes to learn more about sustainability and working within the green economy, through training and skill-building. The course focuses upon natural building, regenerative farming and recycling/upcycling through repair and reuse methods.

As part of the Climate Challenge College’s active role in addressing the climate emergency, the course organisers delivered a very successful event called TodCOP, to coincide with the COP 26 event in Glasgow. TodCOP took place at their home in Todmorden College, where young people, members of the public and guest speakers were invited to share their thoughts, participate in fun, green-oriented activities, enjoy live music and learn more about the current environmental issues at stake.

You can find out more information on the Climate Challenge College of Todmorden by visiting their Facebook page or by going on Twitter

Todmorden Makery

Operating within the space of Todmorden College is Todmorden Makery. Todmorden Makery officially opened in October 2021 as a communal space where people can work together to practice recycling and resourcefulness through repairing, upcycling and construction projects. This aims to help people build confidence, learn new skills, use tools and resources that aren’t easily available or accessible. The workshop is also a great place to meet new people and share ideas. For further information, check out: For further information, check out their webpage

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