What We Do

Todmorden Town Council does not have any statutory obligations or front-line services to deliver, but actively supports Todmorden by acting in an enabling and facilitating role for the benefit of Todmorden residents.

Through either its Council/Committee meetings, 18 Town Councillors or through direct contact with the office, any issue of concern by residents can be raised and the Town Council which will do its utmost to support residents by raising the profile of issues, directly engaging on their behalf where appropriate, and or signposting to the correct contact to help residents obtain a response to their matters of concern.

More specifically the Town Council seeks to:-


  • Work with and encourage Calderdale Council to focus on local issues
  • Work with partners to secure funding for projects that will enhance and improve life in Todmorden
  • Act as lead partner on the Centre Vale Park element of the Todmorden Town Deal
  • Produce a Neighbourhood Plan
  • Respond to consultations affecting Todmorden and its Community
  • Liaise with other organisations on behalf of Todmorden and its Community
  • Act as Statutory Consultee on planning applications
  • Enable Christmas Lights Switch On and Christmas Eve Carol Service.
  • Report on any Footpaths or Rights of Way issues
  • Seek remedy for issues regarding including footpaths, town centre appearance, pavements, signage, littering etc
  • Support Town Centre events, Culture and the Arts and local voluntary groups though grants
  • Enable investment into Todmorden
  • Part fund 2 Town Centre PCSO’s (50% contribution for each)
  • Provide substantial funds to Todmorden Information Centre
  • Manage local sites-  the Wheelspark, Patmos Gardens, Lobb Mill Picnic Area, Land at Vale Baptist Church, Cornholme
  • Support the Mayor – raising the profile of local groups and fundraising activities.
  • Facilitate a coordinated community response to the current Cost of Living Crisis and the  Climate Emergency

What We Don’t Do

The Town Council has a broad range of powers to deliver for the community, however many ‘council services’ are the responsibility of Calderdale Council. These include services such as highways, car parking, education, household waste collection, planning and licensing (decision making and enforcement), environmental health, libraries, the majority of open spaces, births, marriages and death, council tax and business rates collection.  Here, the Town Council seeks to work with the borough council  influence it for the betterment of the town.

We also aim to work closely with the borough councillors elected by the Town to Calderdale Council.  Although most of our Town falls within borough council’s Todmorden Ward, a section of the Town also falls within its Calder Walder.  Ward maps are available on the Calderdale Council website where you can also find details of your borough councillors.

If you want to know which ward you live in, who your Town or Borough Councillors are or have any questions about which services are offered by which Council, you are welcome to call us on 0770 632 2037.  We have also compiled a page of links to some of the Calderdale Council services we are most often asked about.

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