Climate Emergency Committee Action Plan

Todmorden Town Council’s Climate Emergency Committee Action Plan

On the 18th November 2020, Todmorden Town Council reinforced its earlier Declaration of a Climate Emergency, as made on 10th April 2019. From this, an amended resolution was proposed for Todmorden Town Council to:

  • Work collectively as a community and with wider stakeholders, towards making Todmorden carbon neutral by the earliest practical date.
  • Continue to call on the Government and Calderdale to provide the resources and powers so that our Town Council can make its contribution to the UK’s Carbon Reduction targets

In response to this, Todmorden Town Council’s Climate Emergency Committee has developed an action plan that details proposed steps to propagate climate action at local level. This includes supporting and promoting the work of local groups and organisations whose project activities touch upon climate-related efforts either directly or indirectly, whilst collaborating with neighbouring councils and organisations to ensure there is a cohesive approach to tackling climate-related issues on a wider scale.

The key areas of the action plan include:

  • information sharing
  • lobbying
  • awareness-raising
  • local project support

Action Plan

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