Neighbourhood Plan

Todmorden Town Council is in the process of producing a Neighbourhood Plan that aims to give Todmorden and its local community, greater influence to shape development by taking a more active role in the development of planning policies at a local level.

Whilst Calderdale MBC retains the statutory function of the Planning Authority that is responsible for making all planning decisions, through the Neighbourhood Plan, the Town Council has the opportunity to inform decision making by providing a document, that when adopted, seeks to provide additional guidance as to what as a whole Todmorden should look and feel like from a future development perspective, taking into account local policies and design guidance.

These policies must however be in general conformity with the strategic policies in Calderdale Council’s adopted Local Plan and should not be used to promote a lower level of development than is set out in the Local Plan.

Where are we up to?

 Todmorden Town Council has re-applied to Calderdale Council to designate a Neighbourhood Plan. This is because the previous approval dating from 27 April 2016 has lapsed.

The redesignation is open to public consultation from Monday 31 October until 5:00pm Friday 18 November 2022. Comments can be made by using the Calderdale Council online portal, by email, or by writing to Calderdale Council. A hard copy of the application will also be placed in Todmorden Library during the consultation period.

Calderdale Neighbourhood Plan Areas

Draft Design V2

Draft Todmorden HNA

Draft Todmorden Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Information Paper

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