Neighbourhood Plan

Todmorden Town Council is in the process of producing a Neighbourhood Plan that aims to give Todmorden and its local community, greater influence to shape development by taking a more active role in the development of planning policies at a local level.

Whilst Calderdale MBC retains the statutory function of the Planning Authority that is responsible for making all planning decisions, through the Neighbourhood Plan, the Town Council has the opportunity to inform decision making by providing a document, that when adopted, seeks to provide additional guidance as to what as a whole Todmorden should look and feel like from a future development perspective, taking into account local policies and design guidance.

These policies must however be in general conformity with the strategic policies in Calderdale Council’s adopted Local Plan and should not be used to promote a lower level of development than is set out in the Local Plan.

Where are we up to?

We have so far produced two documents – a Draft Neighbourhood Plan and Draft Design Guidance.

We are currently carrying our pieces of work through our Neighbourhood Plan Working Group to identify buildings of local historical interest and identify green spaces that we may be able seek status as Designated Green Spaces.

We aim to have these pieces of work completed by October 2020.

We have also commissioned a Housing Needs Assessment that helps inform more local need in terms of future housing demand and type of housing required to meet such demand.

Next Steps

  • We need to engage with Calderdale MBC regarding the findings and conclusion of the Housing Needs Assessment work and obtain agreement as to how this can influence future land  allocation/development opportunity within Todmorden.
  • We need to incorporate the work we compete in respect of Buildings of local Historical Interest and Designated Green Spaces
  • We need to revisit the Draft Neighbourhood Plan to incorporate the findings of the Housing Needs Assessment
  • Review then the Draft Neighbourhood Plan in it’s entirety to see if greater focus is needed on flooding mitigation measures in light of recent events, and or Todmorden as a whole in Planning Development Terms
  • Consider whether there is a need to move forward with Neighbourhood Development Orders
  • Finalise and submit to Calderdale MBC for formal consultation and progress towards Referendum stage

Further information

Whilst we provide a document providing more background to Neighbourhood Planning, if any further information is required, or anyone wishes to address the Development Committee of Todmorden Town Council on this matter, please email Colin Hill Town Clerk by email on

Calderdale Neighbourhood Plan Areas

Draft Design V2

Draft Todmorden HNA

Draft Todmorden Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Information Paper

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