Discretionary Grants



Submit your application now for a decision at our 29th November 2023 Resources Committee.

We strongly recommend you submit your application as soon as possible but no later than:

9AM on MONDAY 20th November 2023



There will be four opportunities to apply for a grant in 2023-2024 financial year.

Click the button below for details.

About the Council’s Grant Scheme


The Town Council  operates three grant funding streams, a Start Up stream for new organisations with a one-off  award to a maximum £500, a Small Grant stream for existing organisations with awards up to a £3,000 maximum and a Climate Emergency Grant scheme with awards up to £250.

One form can be used to apply for all three streams.   

Town Hall Hire refund applications can also be made using the same form. 

Please take a look at the form and the policy for more details and if you have any questions you can drop us an email or give us a call.

It is very important that applicants download and read our new Discretionary Grants Policy before completing an application form as it contains important information about contribution criteria and frequency of grant distribution.

Grant Feedback Form

Successful applicants are required to complete and submit a feedback from as a condition of their award and will be sent one of our new feedback forms as a matter of course, however the form is also available below for review and download.

Please note, the same feedback form can be used for both grant streams.

Questions About the Grant Scheme

If you have any questions about our new grant scheme or if you are having trouble downloading the application forms from this website please call our office on 0770 632 2037.


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