Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 14 Consultation Page

Our Regulation 14 Consultation is now closed.

What has been done so far?

  • The Draft Neighbourhood Plan has been reviewed to take into account any policy changes that may have affected this because of adoption of the Calderdale Local Plan in March 2023.
  • The Non-Designated Heritage Assets register has been compiled representing Todmorden’s rich buildings heritage, with over 600 property owners written to advising them of their inclusion, with the option to not be included if they wish.
  • A list of proposed Designated Local Green Spaces have been identified to remove such sites from future development (subject to caveats for subsequent permission to develop if specific criteria met)
  • A Design Handbook has been reviewed.

What do we need to do now?

This is technically called Regulation 14 Consultation

  • We are now at the final stage of consultation with the residents of Todmorden invited to attend open days at Todmorden Town Hall on Thursday 21 September 2023 and Saturday 23 September 2023.
  • A formal consultation period of 6 weeks commences 21 September 2023 to 2 November 2023 where any member of the public may comment on the documents and provide feedback should they wish to do so.
  • Statutory consultees have been written to seek any objections or comments.
  • A further survey will be available (written and online)  to validate some of our assumptions made at the start of this process in 2017/2018

What happens after Regulation 14 Consultation?

All feedback will be considered. Where amendments are felt to be relevant and appropriate these will be formally agreed upon at a meeting of the Neighbourhood Advisory Committee and Development Committee before finalising all documents for Town Council approval to submit to Calderdale MBC.

What happens after we submit the Town Council approved version to Calderdale MBC?

Calderdale MBC will then follow their process which could involve clarifications being sought from Todmorden Town Council or objections raised to Policies within the Plan that they feel contradict those in their Local Plan. We have liaised already with CMBC informally and do not anticipate any major issues to emerge at this stage.

If Calderdale MBC are in agreement  they will submit to the Planning  Inspectorate and then the process of examination can start and if acceptable  to the Planning Inspectorate the process can then move to a Referendum Stage.

If everything proceeds smoothly then a Referendum may be called in 2024 – likely towards the middle of the year.

Click on the images below to view our consultation display posters or download a PDF of all 9 posters.

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