Recommended Reading

Recommended reading

Knowledge is power!

There has never been a better time to read up on the issues relating to the environment and how human activity is having a serious impact on the welfare of our planet. It is, therefore, useful to learn more about this so we can make informed decisions as individuals.

If you want to build up your knowledge on all things green and learn how to play your own part in tackling the greatest threat our planet has ever seen, a good place to start is the library, where you can find a wealth of climate literature.

A few suggested titles are included below:

‘No. More. Plastic: What You Can Do to Make a Difference’ -Dorey, M

‘No. More. Rubbish. Excuses: How to Reduce Your Waste and Why You Must Do it Now’ -Dorey, M

‘We are the Weather Makers: The History of Climate Change’ Flannery, T

‘There is no Planet B: A Handbook for the Make or Break Years,’ Berners-Lee, M

‘No One is Too Small to Make a Difference,’ Thunberg, G

‘Go Lightly -How to Travel Without Hurting the Planet,’ Karnikowski, N

‘Our Final Warning: Six Degrees of Climate Emergency,’ Lynas, M

‘Hope in Hell: a decade to confront the climate emergency,’ Porritt, J

‘How to Live a Low-Carbon Life: the Individual’s Guide to Tackling Climate Change,’ Goodall, C

‘The passivhaus handbook : a practical guide to constructing and retrofitting buildings for ultra-low energy performance,’ Cotterell, J

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