Todmorden Town Council’s Climate Emergency Pledge

As part of Todmorden Town Council’s Climate Emergency Committee’s Action Plan, a Climate Emergency Pledge is now available for anyone in Todmorden who wishes to get involved in our collective effort to reverse climate change. This has been developed to support and encourage individuals such as yourself to play their own key part in helping to alleviate and reverse the effects of climate change.

Climate change is a global issue, but we believe that through focusing on what we can do on a small, local scale, we can make a huge difference and become an inspiring example for others to follow. The kindness that defines Todmorden is reflected in the actions that local groups have already taken towards ensuring our community and environment are well looked after.

Likewise, through committing to the Climate Pledge, you will be playing your own part in continuing this move towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Here are some initial tips and things to bear in mind about making your pledges:

  • Tell your family, friends and neighbours about our Climate Pledge -the more people who get involved, the better!
  • As this is a collective effort and involves changes to our daily habits, it’s important that we don’t feel alone in our day-to-day challenges.
  • Having support from others who have also committed to the pledge will help encourage mutual motivation and sharing of ideas on how to best achieve the aims of the pledge.
  • Most of us would struggle to change all of our habits overnight, and we’re not all in the position to fulfil every action on the list, so it’s important to remain realistic about the things we can achieve.

That is why we suggest only ticking the promises on the list that:

a. apply to you

b. that you are able to do

c. what you feel you can live up to, and

d. all the things you already do and pledge to continue doing.

As your town council, we want you to be able to share your thoughts, concerns and experiences with us. Everyone’s voice deserves to be heard, and we want our actions to best reflect this, and to represent all parts of our wonderful and diverse community.

As a way of doing this, we would like to give all those who have taken the Climate Pledge the opportunity to provide feedback on their experiences and to make any comments or suggestions. We will use this feedback to evaluate our approach to supporting local climate-related efforts and ensure that we are taking into consideration the needs and wishes of our local community.

Climate Emergency Pledge

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