Bramsche in Germany was the destination for our latest Todmorden Town Twinning group. A small group of 8 members travelled by train on 26th of May to Osnabrück to be met by our hosts, and were taken back to their homes for a well earned rest as the journey took a total of 13 hours.

A lovely relaxing programme was organised for us with a visit to the local Tuchmacher museum of weaving, with a great display of machines, some made in England , including a spinning jenny,  The finished product, a rich, red cloth used for our grenadier guards uniforms. The machine for fluffing up the wool blew it up in the air and we were all wearing red wool blobs in our hair.

In the afternoon, the mayor of Bramsche hosted  a short ceremony for the planting of a Linden tree in the local park  to commemorate 925 years of Bramsche’s existence.

Monday took us on a bus tour of Osnabruck with a guide who took us off the beaten track and up a hill (quite unusual in Germany) for a wonderful rooftop view with church towers poking through the trees.

On Tuesday we were led on a guided tour around Oldenburg with a wonderful guide who had an appropriate story  to tell fitting to each situation. We visited St Lamberti Church which originated in the 13th century and is somewhat of an optical illusion as it is square on the outside but on entering,  it is circular and beautifully decorated with a spiral staircase to reach the balcony.

All too soon the visit was at an end and we arrived at Osnabruck Station at 7.30 for our journey to Amsterdam and then via Eurostar to London.

If you are interested in joining our Town Twinning group please contact us by telephone 01706812485 or email on [email protected]


Susan Thornton and Phill Morton

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