During these challenging and uncertain times, Todmorden Town Council has launched a number of initiatives to help both residents and community groups know where to contact for help if in need, provide some additional help with household waste disposal, and help financially,  with any local group actively supporting individuals or the community as a whole.

An information leaflet providing contact details of key local support groups and general help contacts will be dropping through doors from 8th June. This will also mention a fund that has been set up of circa £3k to help any group organisation that is helping Todmorden residents deal with immediate issues caused by the Covid 19 crisis and the Town Council has already has donated £500 to the Cornholme Food Bank. Community Groups or Organisations seeking some financial help need simply to go to  www.todmorden-tc.gov.uk to apply.

Whilst the tip at Eastwood has been reopened, the Town Council is also making available up to  £7,500 worth of Skips to be placed on specific streets in each of its wards to help residents deal with getting rid of more than usual household waste. This will require a resident in one of the specified streets to apply on behalf of that community with a simple process introduced. For details on how to apply for a Community skip  go to www.todmorden-tc.gov.uk

Councillor Denis Skelton, Chair of Resources Committee said. “As ever we are astounded at the way in which voluntary groups and organisations across the town come together to support those in need and is part of what makes Todmorden very special. By providing some funding to help these groups manage financially, this may help them to be even more effective.

Councillor Skelton also said “In producing this information leaflet, which I would encourage people to keep handy, those residents not able to access the Internet for information can at least know where and who to contact for help if they need it. For those who have been staying safe at home and having time to declutter, extra skips direct into the community , whilst limited in number , will also help those residents who are less mobile and do not find it as easy to get to the tip at Eastwood.

Town Clerk Colin Hill said: “It is heartening to see so much community spirt in Todmorden. In putting into place what is needed to deliver these excellent local initiatives, simply go to www.todmorden-tc.gov.uk to find details on how to apply . If not able to access the internet then give me a ring Monday  – Thursday between 8 am to 4 pm on 0730 610 9131 or contact your local Town Councillor, and between us, we will help you apply for either additional funding or a skip into a specific street area.


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