Todmorden Town Council is delighted to announce the appointment of its new Climate Officer, Rachael Crane, who has joined the team to work with the council’s Climate Emergency Committee. Rachael will be working with community groups and organisations within Todmorden to ensure a coordinated collective response to the climate emergency on a local level, and to fulfil the aims of the Climate Emergency Committee’s Action Plan.

Rachael said:

“I feel honoured to be in a position where I can work with others to make a positive difference. Climate change is a universal issue; therefore  it is easy to feel overwhelmed, confused and powerless in the face of such a vast problem. By focusing on what Todmorden can do to play its own part in tackling the problem, I hope to bring different parts of the community together to work on shared projects and make our already innovative town an inspiring example of what can be achieved on a local scale, through community-based efforts. Kindness is what defines Todmorden, and it is through kindness that we can support each other and work together to improve our environment now and for generations to come.”

The Revd Cllr Graham Kent, Chairman of the Climate Emergency Committee, said:

“We are at an exciting stage in our journey as a committee, whereby we have recently recruited a new Climate Officer. This unique role will enrich our existing work by providing a vital link between the council and its residents, local organisations and businesses, through effective community engagement. We consider this role to play a pivotal part in ensuring that the voices of the local community can be heard, and that the needs and concerns of residents can be taken into consideration when implementing our council’s climate emergency action plan.”

As we enter into this new chapter of the council’s climate emergency work, the council looks forward to working alongside the people of Todmorden to achieve shared goals and building upon our already strong and compassionate community.

Anyone wishing to contact Rachael can do so by email to [email protected]

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