Author’s Bryan Earnshaw and Steven Wright presented a signed copy of their newly published book The Fallen Sons of Todmorden 1914-1920  to Todmorden Town Council at a meeting of the Full Council on 22 February 2023.

The book, which took six years to compile, tells the story of hundreds of servicemen from Todmorden who served in the Great War, from France and Belgium on the Western front to Gallipoli and Mesopotamia.

Councillors were delighted to receive this important work and unanimously resolved to record in the minutes “That Todmorden Town Council’s thanks to Mr B Earnshaw and Mr S Wright be noted for their work on this monumental historical piece of literature”

In recognition of the hard work done by the authors in producing and publishing The Fallen Sons of Todmorden 1914-1920 our Town Mayor, Councillor Elizabeth Thorpe, presented each author with her Mayor’s Certificate of Recognition and asked for the following citation to be recorded in the minutes –

“This award is made in recognition of the important and painstaking work undertaken in the compilation of the Fallen Heroes of Todmorden. This scholarly work is a magnificent testimony to the sacrifice made by the men of Todmorden who gave their lives in World War One.  This definitive record of the lives of Todmorden’s Fallen Heroes will stand as a roll of honour for many years to come and on behalf of the whole Town of Todmorden you are most sincerely thanked and honoured for your Magnum Opus.”

The signed copy of the book presented to the Town Council will be retained in our archive.

A total of 120 books were printed and 80 have already been pre-ordered.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy and would like to be put in touch with the authors please call us on 0770 632 2037.

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