Residents of Todmorden are invited to join this year’s Town meeting which will take place virtually this year via Zoom.

Todmorden’s Town Meeting is an open meeting for all residents of Todmorden.  Whilst it is organised by the Town Council, it is not a council meeting but an open forum giving residents an opportunity to raise issues they feel are important to the town.

Residents can use the meeting to ask questions to the Town Council, suggest ideas for the Council to look into and raise any issue at all relating to the town.

The meeting will be chaired by the Town Mayor, Cllr Ruth Coleman-Taylor with the Town Clerk, Colin Hill, taking the minutes.  The Agenda for the meeting can be viewed now on our noticeboard outside the Town Hall and here using the link below.

This year’s meeting will take place via Zoom, commencing at 1830 and ending at 1915.  Full Zoom joining instructions can be found on the Agenda or by contacting the Town Clerk ([email protected])

We hope that many members of the public will take the opportunity to join the meeting and we very much look forward to welcoming those that do.

Link to Agenda

Link to Annual Report All Committees

Link to Financial Report

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