One of the great delights of the last few days has been attending (yes, in person!) 2 sessions of the choir I belong to. We have not met for many weeks and I really thought it was all over, but the organiser suggested we might like to meet in the open air and sing sensibly (e.g. dress for the weather, keep 2 metres apart and do warm-up exercises first). So I went.

It was lovely to see people I had not seen or spoken to for months, although we could not linger gossiping if we were actually to get some singing done! We all enjoyed it, I think, and we will try to keep it going once a week until it gets too cold or wet even for singers in Yorkshire.

I noticed that some people who walked near us paused to listen for a bit, although no-one asked to join. Maybe another time! One of our number pointed out that we had a non-human audience, too. When we first arrived, the birds singing in the trees around the patch we had chosen immediately fell silent, but after a few minutes they started to sing again and were, I think, back at their normal volume long before we finished. How delightful that they were willing to share their space with us.

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